Eating healthy vegan meals has never been this convenient, simple and tasteful.

Our Story

Vegan Delights by Lisa-Ann was born out of a simple desire to find healthy, delicious, and vegan meals while travelling with my family. As a family-owned, small business, we are passionate about promoting a plant-based lifestyle through our intentionally crafted meals and desserts.

Our mission is to help you transition to a more  plant-focused & nutrient-dense plate.  We also cater to individuals with various dietary needs, including food allergies, doctor-recommended diets, and those looking to make healthier choices. We offer a diverse menu of mouth-watering meal and dessert alternatives to ensure everyone finds something they love.

About Lisa-Ann

Lisa-Ann tells the story of how Vegan-Delights got started

The Store

See a quick behind the scenes of how its made

Something for everyone

We make accommodations for all, so no one feels 'left out.' Explore our desserts page for sweet delights, and rest assured that our products are handmade from scratch, free from dairy, eggs, and highly processed ingredients. We prioritize using fresh, wholesome products, delivering both delicious and remarkably healthy plant-based cuisine.

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